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tried everything!


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i use bt broadband home hub router, have norton protection center, bt yahoo online protection. speedcheck.ispconnect.co.uk reads:

Your current bandwidth reading is:

6.55 Mbps

which means you can download at 838.86 KB/sec. from our servers.

i seem to get fluctuating from 10-25 but have reached top speeds of 110 before, symbol tends to go from yellow triangle to red circle randomly but have had green before but it seems to disappear randomly too

i have used the patch to 40 and net.max_half open at 40, have disabled firewalls in hub and security programs also, tested port, port is not open

network connections in c/panel tell me I connect using:

Realtek RTL8139 Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC


Physical Address: 00-0F-EA-1D-80-87

IP Address:

Subnet Mask:

Default Gateway:

DNS Servers:,

WINS Server

have followed the whole portforward.com guide and configured the advance settings in home hub manager and tried many tips and other guides, spent endless hours researching and tweaking trying to reach decent speeds, i pay a high rate to bt for top speed broadband for the purpose of top speed download/upload please help!!!



says warning: isp upload compression was detected your upload speeds may be inaccurate

donload speed 72 Kb/s

upload speed 280 Kb/s

latency 105ms

oh and im on windows xp

speed guide in utorrent reads affected settings:

upload limit 40KB/s

upload slots 5

connectionss per torrent 80

connection global 400

max active torrents 15

max active downloads 15

any other info u want let me know


hi is noone replying because noone can help, soeone please let me know

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µTorrent's net.max_half open value should not be more than 80% of Window's max half open limit...so reduce µTorrent's to 30. Do note that MANY networking routers+modems cannot sustain such high connection rates.

Your other settings are terrible in combination...try running Speed Guide (CTRL+G) and choosing xx/384k setting. (That's the closest one to 40 KiloBYTES/sec upload speed.)

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