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µTorrent 1.1


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Changelog for µTorrent 1.1

- Fix: Tray icon said uTorrent 1.0

- Feature: Show upload/download speed and number of torrents in tray.

- Fix: It now works to double click on torrents in explorer.

- Fix: Show actual download time instead of total time in Run Time in general info.

- Feature: Show Up/Down limits in torrent info tab.

- Fix: The dialog shown when there is no memory could crash the program.

- Fix: The bandwidth graph's update rate was the same as the GUI update rate.

- Fix: Fixed handle leak in graph drawer

- Fix: GDI Handle leak on the generals tab.

- Fix: If you press cancel in the download directory select dialog, don't save torrent.

- Fix: Query user if about to delete data.

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