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speed/peers test thread


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After all these posts concerning speed issues, I decided to make some tests with a reasonably popular torrent on public _but not severly busy_ tracker (on zerotracker, backed on sladinsky)

and I hope you'll do the same thing today using same torrent+utorrent and post results :

I choose one popular recent reggae torrent


http://s52.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=0C6A154UQLHS52TEM6UWCAFD7I (when first link'll be broken due to reached download quota, use 2nd one)

I have a 32KB upload limit on my dsl line. I choose to cap at 24k for these tests. Port used 49010 (open)

and now the results

(I didn't use bbcode tags for images as they are huge and numerous, just click on links)

bitcomet results after 1mn after 5mn

total peers-------36-----------39

dl speed----------33-----------104

ul speed----------24-----------23

utorrent results after 1mn after 5mn

total peers-------16-----------27

dl speed----------10-----------26

ul speed----------0------------15

as you can see, utorrent is very slow to just "see" available peers. I think it's the main problem for the speed issues we encounter

if you wanna see captures shots with ip lists/tracker stats :





and one last image using utorrent speed graph a few seconds after the 5mn snapshot (you can see there's obviously a problem with at least upload used, far from max available ul)


one last thing, I let utorrent run but after 20mn, nearly all peer seeds have disappeared :shock:

2nd last thing :) : don't get me wrong, these tests are NOT intended AT ALL to put a blame on utorrent, I just try to find how these speed issues happen , so the next versions'll be a benediction for everyone, not 50% of users

now it's your turn to post ;)

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when tracker goes down and there is no DHT this happens... test without DHT and im sure µTorrent does atleast the same as BitComet/Azureus if not anybetter...

nice try...but wrong : I didn't use DHT with bitcomet (I don't want to deal with this hellish option that could turn bittorrent into another mule) , so long for your theory :lol:

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i don´t have such problems...my µtorrent is so fast like abc und bc ...

i tested a lot and µ torrent issn´t slower...

i you leech @ anti leech trackers your download speed will bei every time near the limit...

shitty open tracker are slow...

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I'll never understand happy leechers who type "it works for me" posts... in troubleshooting section ;)

anyway, the connection problem is solved as stated on "not impressive" thread (general section) :

The connection issue has been resolved for the next version. Look forward to it :)
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