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Change upload settings from tray icon..


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Hi, long time Azureus user and have been trying out Utorrent and am very impressed with it, I've always wondered why no one had made a client similiar to Azureus but without all that absurd memory usage, so big thanks for all those concerned.

Anyway here's two things I'd like (and I apologise if they have already been requested) :

a) I always liked the ability in Azureus to set the global upload speed directly from the system tray, this made it very fast and convenient for the user's don't mind seeding without the 80% limit and want to quickly lower the speed just to allow a brief bit of surfing.

B) Another idea nicked from Azureus, the ability to start a torrent for seeding only, meaning that the torrent doesn't have to go through the laborious process of checking which can takes ages on big torrents.

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