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orange Livebox-Inventel DV4210-WA


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I have recently swithched to the Orange Inventel DV4210-WA router, 4MEG from a Tesco.net 1/2MEG connection. I am geting less download speed now. I have opened my port on the new Orange router as per the the www.portforward.com guide. I have also lowered the Firewall security level to 0 (ie.Off) and still no joy. My download speed is only 15KB/s now afer switching to the higher speed (4Meg). Before I was getting up to 50KB/s with a 1/2Meg connection. Does anybody have any problems with the download speed with the Orange Inventel DV4210-WA router? After opening my port on the firewall http://www.utorrent.com/testport.php?port=52*** is still stating Error! Port 52*** does not appear to be open. Any help welcome. Cheers


I have cracked it!!

When you configure the Livebox for port forwarding NAT - enter the port number (I use 27000), then for the Server IP address, you enter your IP address (not the livebox IP address as instructed by www.portforward.com) and hay presto, you have a green tick. My download speed is still not what it should be though.

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