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Slow speeds, now no speed at all


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Since 1.6.1 installed automatically I started having problems. At first speeds became very slow after a few hours. If I turned the computer off for, say 6 hours and turned it on again I could get max speed for a few hours again. But now, suddenly all the torrents got the red icon. I don't know what to do next. I have uninstalled and re-installed several times. Desabled the windows firewall, changed ports, desabled DHT, etc.

Here is my current status:

The network status is red (and I think it has always been.

The port cheker tells me the port is not open. I followed the instructions al portforward.com but still the same message.

The tracker status says: connection closed by peer.

My speed is 600 kbps down and 300 kbps up.

Upload Limit: 30kB/s

Upload Slots: 4

Connections (per-torrent): 25

Connections (global): 100

Max Active torrents: 4

Max active downloads: 3

Current Port: 38492

Randomize port each time utorrent starts: unchecked

Enable UPnP port mapping: unchecked

Add uTorrent to Windows firewall exeptions: checked

Max download rate: 60kB/s

OS: Windows XP SP2

Windows Firewall: enabled - medium

Modem: Motorola SBG900

ISP: Cablevision - Mexico (according to the list it just limits speed during certain hours)

Please help me, I am desperated at this point.


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I have the exact same problem. For weeks speeds have been bad (worse than usual that is :S) and today all my torrents have the "connection reset by peer" message. My settings are approximately the same as yours patonzon and it all worked perfectly until recently.

Anybody out there who knows if Cablevision are up to some tricks? Maybe blocking torrents? If so, is there a work around?

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I just realized that Utorrent completly stops from arround 5pm until 1am and then it restarts perfectly fine with max speeds. Could my ISP be doing that. As I said before the tracker status says: connection closed by peer.

Someone suggested it could be the scheduler but it's already unabled.

Squirle, I know Cablevision is limiting speed at certain hours, but if I try to surf the web everything seems fine. I'm with Cablevision in Mexico that has nothing to do with the one on the States.

Hope we can find a fix soon.

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I'm with Cablevision Mexico too. And I have noticed the decreased speed during the evenings lately but never a complete stop as it is now. That they limit traffic is well known apparently. I saw on another forum that Cablevision Mex is listed as a "Bad ISP" because of that. I really hope this is temporary as I rely on torrents to get books from home. Or I'll have to learn spanish real fast :D.

Wonder if Infinitum does the same...

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I have Infinitum at the office and never had that problem, but I have never downloaded torrents there though.

I just noticed they come back at exactly 12:00 am and I don't think that's a coincidence.

Does your torrents stpo completly too? Can they actually do that? Do you have the link to the forum where they talked about Cablevision limiting traffic?

I'm going to give them a call tomorrow.

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I didn't have a chance to check if it worked last night, but now (Monday) it is working again and I'm currently downloading at 16 Kb/s which is about the max for my connection. (Hope some day Internet connections get a bit cheaper here!)

Yesterday was the first time I noticed them stop completely, with the error message "Connection reset by peer" instead of "just" having unresolvable NAT problems and slow speeds at times. I was working on solving that NAT problem for a long time until I thought that it was probably not my settings (which had worked perfectly for a year) but Cablevision doing something on their end. When using the Speed guide I sometimes got different IP numbers from what My IP showed. All very strange but in the end I could still download even with a yellow or sometimes red network icon.

Good luck with calling them. I'm sure there's a clause somewhere in the contract that says they can do what they please but it never hurts to try. Please keep us updated with any news.

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I haven't been able to forward a port yet, although I've followed the instructions on portforward.com, but:

Does anybody knows if I can finally get to forward it will my torrents work even if my ISP is blocking me?

What does the "connection closed by peer" means in the tracker status and how can I reverse that? Could that also be my ISP playing with me?


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On 03/01/2007 Cablevision Mexico changed Internet providers, From "Avantel" to "AT&T", apparently they are enforcing a policy of "No illegal downloads" and they consider all torrents ilegal.

They are blockin the Torrent protocol itself so changing ports will not do anything

And on top of it ALL PORTS are CLOSED.

Also Edokey, Emule protocols are also blocked from 5:00 pm to 12:00 am

so far there is nothing we can do except call Cablevision and complain or Call Profeco and complain again.


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thanks for the info. I just moved to the D.F. last week, got cablevision setup this weekend and have been wondering why i couldnt connect to any trackers, this makes sense. have you discovered a workaround? i think a vpn would do it, but it is definitely not the best solution. anyone have any ideas? otherwise i'm going to have to switch providers, any recommendations for a better ISP here in mexico?

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