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behind NAT problem


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i have the following prob:

1. i have wireless connection and im using ovislink wl-5460ap v2 access point

2. my isp say we're all behind nat. thats ok.

3. im not using any firewall (on xp x64 sp3)

4. i can dl with utorrent no problem

5. i always see red circle with white exclamation mark in it (Not connectable.

A firewall/Router is limiting your...)

6. i did online port scaning and found that tcp ports 23, 2000, 2222 and 3986 are open.

7. i set utorrent to use these ports and check every one of them on http://www.utorrent.com/testport.php and it said their all open

8. but the not connectable mark still remains active.

i tried turning on/off upnp port maping

i called my isp and they told me they wouldnt open ports for me, ie i have to pay extra for static ip.

now, for my question, are the above mentioned ports really open? if yes, how can i set up utorrent to use one of those ports.


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It really depends on what the port checker sites mean by an open port.

Can you connect outward on that port?

Can you connect outward TO someone ELSE on that port?

Can someone else (on any port) connect TO you on that port?

Only the last one of those 3 would be blocked by a firewall or being behind NAT.

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I disagree here. There's a strange problem that I've noticed:

On the exact same hardware, using the exact same modem/router (Thomson SpeedTouch 780WL) and Network Card, Windows 2000 does NOT do the same as Windows XP x64.

In Windows 2000 µTorrent turns Green,

in Windows XP x64 it will stay Yellow.

Using the exact same open port.

Also, with the Yellow icon never turning Green I haven't noticed ANY slowdown in XP x64. I really wonder what is causing this, since I have tried everything. Firewall and entire Security center is off in XP. No virus-scanner, no packet-filtering or blocking.

Anyone also using a Windows XP x64 version and seeing this Yellow icon issue? I do know that, for example PeerGuardian really needs a different set of drivers for it to work in x64, which is why you can get a separate x64 version of pg2.

So, unfortunately, I'm pointing at µTorrent for this bug for now.

Regarding this; What is µTorrent checking for, before turning Green? It seems it does not match reality in all x64 cases..

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Yes, unfortunately.

The *only* difference is the NIC drivers. (64 bit for one, 32 bit for the other)

I could check using ethereal/wireshark if I see something strange on this.

But that is why I ask:

What is the exact check µT does in order to change from Yellow to Green ?

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Um. If you're using the same port simultaneously on two computers, then isn't it clear why one computer receives the connection while the other doesn't? You can only forward each port to one computer.

The only thing µTorrent needs is for an incoming connection attempt to hit it, and it knows it's unfirewalled.

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I don't think you understand. What port I'm using is of no importance here.

I have tested this using two different machines BOTH running two operating systems. At first I thought: Well, probably the hardware (NIC) is broken on one of them. It wasn't. It turns out to be dependant on Windows XP x64 (or its drivers).

Again I ask:

What is the exact check µTorrent does in order to change its icon color from Yellow to Green.

As long as I don't know that, I can't resolve this issue.

I need to see what goes wrong, using ethereal/wireshark, and in order to be able to see that, I need to know what uT is checking on. I see nothing wrong. Torrent traffic is just as it should be. Maxing out upstream as well as downstream, yet it remains Yellow.

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@hanssen: I understood you the first time, but you're not reading/answering my posts clearly.

I asked you if you were using the same port on both computers simultaneously, and you said yes, and so I interpreted that to be a possible cause for the firewalled issue.

You asked how µTorrent determines when to switch the network status light, and I answered you

The only thing µTorrent needs is for an incoming connection attempt to hit it, and it knows it's unfirewalled.
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Well, you make the strange assumption I'm using the same port on two LAN IP's at the same time?

It would not even turn Yellow then, as far as I know..

Hitting an incoming connection does not make it turn Green, so that's NOT what µT is checking for. That's WHY I'm here asking this.

How can it even be transferring as it should while there are, according to your statement, NO incoming connection hits?

And the half-open max is not of importance either (I've already patched tcpip.sys).

Bumping this, since I still see no change in the yellow icon on my end of the line.

As I've written before: This is related to uTorrent in Windows XP x64. I'll say it's a bug in Windows!

I don't have it in any other Windows OS (but I haven't tested Vista either).

The Yellow icon does not turn green, yet the port is correctly being forwarded (the modem is a SpeedTouch 780, and it links open ports to the PC-name, even, so you can't go wrong there). It's a clean XP install, in which I have switched off the entire security end of things. No firewall active, no other software doing this, it's just plain uTorrent.

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