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GUI layout, proportional resizing


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below is a mix of a feature request, bug possibility, and an introduction of myself, since this is my first post..,

oh and...

HI devs, and fellow users. thanks for the work on what has become one of the apps that makes me happy to use. also, omg to all the weirdos i have been seeing crap on about uTorrent MPAA, RIAA, baby eaters and blah blah. get banned. get completely stuffed you wankers!!!

thats better. now,

i get great use out of uTorrent's comparitively simple interface after using the far heavier azureus (v.good app too but uT wins out for me now).

okie. heres the scenario and some background because i dont have the app coding terms to make an easy explaination of this :(

* i am a user that often has but 3 or 4 downloads running. im a light, non-business, non publishing torrent user.

* i like to resize the display alot _vertically_ and run it wide enough to keep track of the main details when uT is shown. (i run the meter from 'Show Download Bar' often, what a bloody excellent thingy!! thanks devs)

* i have little use for the "all; downloading, active, inactive, no label" items and therefore that whole panel.

1) i would like to be able to relegate these infos to a tab in "Show Detailed Info". my personal _vertical_ limit is reached when the vertical scroll bar kicks in on this panel i dont use.

2) when the "Show Detailed Info" is selected and I resize to accomodate (from my default small view described above), can the original 'small' view be remembered?

and it follows, how about making it also remember to pop-open to the chosen 'big' size?

sorry for the chop-suey way ive asked this question...

other favourite apps of mine have a bar running along the edge with an arrow that can be clicked to pop-open an extra field.

an example can be found in the "A43 file browser" i use in replacement of the unbeleivably good "Directory Opus", A43 allows USB portability. It is about 1Mb, doesnt need to lump stuff into the registry and shows some excellent tricks for small/fast/cool! GUI design in more areas than i refer to above.


love your work so far uTorrent guys; small stable and sexy :)


on a side note; the display seems to be flashing on the win box i have just setup. i havent tried to analyse the problem so i wont post a bug report. is there a known issue regarding something like flashing, display refresh problems? wasnt happening before :(

the machine is 1.2GHz athlon, 512MB RAM, on board <3yrs integrated VGA, win2Ksp4


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