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My problem is the indicators (Red Cross, Yellow Triangle, Green Tick) are not appearing where they are meant to.

I used to get green ticks straight away but now all I seem to be getting is yellow triangles, nothing or a green tick randomly. I've not changed any of my settings.

I'm using a Belkin Wireless G Plus Router (F5D7231-4), and i've got 1 Mbit broadband.

And also, can anyone else check if their port is forwarded properly?? Because everytime I try to use the option in utorrent I get a problem loading page error and it says firefox cannot connect to the server at utorrent

Thanks for any help

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It seems the port forwarding page online is down. :(

Also, have you run Speed Guide (CTRL+G) and chosen a setting based on your UPLOAD speed?

Probably xx/128k, xx/192k, or xx/256k would best suit your connection.

Belkin Routers and wireless connections are notorious for not handling more than 60 simultaneous connections at once without problems, so even after running Speed Guide and choosing normally appropriate settings based on your bandwidth max...you'll probably need to reduce global connections max and connections per torrent max so they never go over 60. It's worth testing a bit to see if your particular router can handle more.

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