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menu and toolbar inline. replace title bar with a simple border?


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subject is the possible feature. is this easily doable? (uTorrent is built in vis c++?)

ive never really found out why it always seems to take some modding to get menus and toolbars horizontally inline. standad toolkit layout?

rolling up or replacing the title with a frame/border is something i always want as a feature.

i have only found this easy to apply to several apps (or worth the time) when using replacement shells. (geoShell and the like)


like my previous post i have to say something about the Voodoo and various FUD...

I remember feeeling stronger, not weirded-out or suspicious, when i first heard about uT and the teaming-up with BitTorrent.

uT and BitT coming together is another great chapter following python's rocketride onto the broader scene with the coming of that ingenious new protocol contraption...

im sticking with what i just feel. scientific eh? dont care. ive been round the killer app here, killer app there, oh no! adware spyware bullshit enough to just know. i bet some of these recent FUDmerchants were all "ooh LimeWire.. prettyyyy..shiny!! argh! my putar is gawn all strange :S"


oops, /rant

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Simple border...? What's not simple about the titlebar? Or are you saying you want it to use the toolbox border? In that case, I highly doubt that that would ever happen. Your request is fairly ambiguous, and the "inline" thing isn't very clear either :\

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hi, thanks for the response.


can it be made available to place the...

menus and toolbars horizontally inline

.., with one another?

the menu and toolbar, and therefore the toolbar's accompanying toolbox (if thats what its called in uT's IDE) are currently 'one above the other'.

foobar as an example of what i say is 'menus and toolbar horizontally inline' -



Simple border...? What's not simple about the titlebar?

i didnt say the title bar isnt simple. and it is 100% standard if you did ask me.

i mean only to ask if we can have the option of having the title bar _visible at all_.

as for the border, by 'simple border' i meant exactly that.

some people request to be able to have skinning, backgrounds, painting the scroll bars and all that. (i didnt want to say "ooh, i want bOrdErz, and a picture of my kitty that pops up when a download is complete)

so; after choosing to not view the title bar - a bog standard border in its place

i suggest perhaps making it available to be "rolled-up" (as it is reffered to elsewhere).


ill post another image later to support the latter part of the description, got to get back to work! :)

PS: nice looking work on the uTorrent webGUI, ive got it running but look forward to having a proper go at it soon

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for dead : read 'usefull'

i didnt assume the _request_ was dead, it was just that there was no indication that i clarified what you didnt seem to understand.

you asked a few questions, i replied and then you dont reply again until you want to be rude.

that and the fact no-one else replied makes the _thread_ kinda dead. i was making a genuine comment and i have been met with nothing but curt or sarcastic remarks. how useless, why comment at all?

from a "usefullness" point of view it would have been better to have a response saying i was speaking chinese and that the request was totally ridiculous. at least that would have been unveiled rudeness. what is this? a closed community, a secret club?

bumping?? i did say i was going to post an image to support the request and also - i couldnt care less where the thread stands, although since you think like that - you might.

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