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New PC Tools (Spyware Doctor 5.0) causing uTorrent to freeze


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Hi there all. I just wanted to post this information about Spyware Doctor 5.0 (PC Tools) has caused my uTorrent to freeze up. I was unable to monitor downloads in the uTorrent interface while downloading/seeding. My firewall showed I was receiving connections, however I was not able to monitor/navigate in my uTorrent interface. Even when I was not downloading/seeding, I was still having problems simply trying to change settings or navigate throughout the uTorrent interface. uTorrent kept displaying "not responding". The new Spyware Doctor was released on March 15, 2007. If any of you have also experienced this problem, uninstall Spyware Doctor 5.0 and go back to previous versions like any of the 4.0's. This fixed all of my current uTorrent problems. Now it's functioning like it use to. Hope that helps someone out there!

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