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"Access Denied" solution!


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I stucked twice with this dumb problem, and second time got so pissed on the time i wasted so i register at forum just to post solution in case someone need it, or, better, uTorrent developers will fix it in future releases!

So, problem is - you resuming downloading torrent. It working some time, depending on internet connection speed. Then - bang! Access Denied. And torrent stopped with red cross.

The solution is very simple - remove READ ONLY flag from all files in the folder, where you dowloading and storing files!

I hope that developers in future will set other, more specific error message for this case, or ask user would like to remove "read only" from file in use.

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ok i noticed sumthn... i can download individual files but not folders. for instance, i can download a .zip, .rar, or .avi file, but wen its a torrent of a folder of files (lets say a bunch of rars), then it will come up wit this access denied error. does this help anyone to figure out wats goin on wit this problem?

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