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Deleted torrents


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what do you mean by:

google - file recovery

find a program?

i just downloaded a program called getdata back, and im scanning, but it hasen't finished 250g external takes 6 hours!!!!

ill keep u posted.

anyone used this program before? im not sure if im suppose to do the recovery on the external drive that im saving the files on or the C drive.

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The files probably didn't disappear if they are not on the same hard drive as your OS

and you didn't write anything to that drive afterward.

When files are deleted, instead of being physically removed,

they are simply marked as deleted and the space becomes free to be

written by any programs.

Once new things are written on top of them, you can't recover them any more.

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The files aren't really removed. Whenever you delete something from a hard disk (doesn't matter if its FAT or NTSF, Linux or Windows) they delete the reference to it in the HD catalog (File allocation Table). This means the data is actually still there and you can recover it with numerous programs out there.

However the data is marked as 'free' and new data can be placed on top of it when you copy, move or download things to the same drive/partition. If this happens the files affected will not be recoverable anymore. So besides finding decent undelete/file recovery software you also have to try and stop moving, copying and downloading to that drive.

6 hours for a 250 GB drive is kinda long. But a lot of programs use a lot of different means to find your data. Unusually the shorter it takes the bigger the chance it doesn't find your data. However you can always try a quick scan (somewhere between 5 to 30 minutes on a 250GB drive) and if you can't find your stuff go in deep. That is if the software you found supports different scans.

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