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ICS, Port Forwarding, Yellow Icon.


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Two Computers. PC #1 w/ICS connects to a router. PC #2 is too far from the router and needs to be connected to PC #1 to reach the Internet.


NETGEAR ROUTER w/Port 54993 Forwarded properly.

Internet IP: 24.214.xxx.xxx


PC #1: has two cards, one for the router and one for PC #2.

NIC 1: w/ICS on. Wireless Conn. to router.

NIC 2: connected to PC #2 (RJ45).

PC #2: uses PC #1 to reach Internet.

NIC 1: connected to PC #1 (RJ45).


!: When running uTorrent on PC #1 w/Port 54993, it works perfectly (UPnP also works).

!: When running uTorrent on PC #2 w/Port 54993, it does NOT work perfectly. Why?

!: No Firewalls are in the way.

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