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Okay, so I did something monumentally stupid. Big surprise there, huh? <grin>

I'd been watching a subbed anime on a streaming site when it suddenly disappeared. Since it's currently my favorite show (and no, it's not yet been commercially released) I immediately set off to try to find it somewhere else. I couldn't find it watchable anywhere, though I did find one place I could direct download each... individual... episode... all 178... um...yeah, right. I also found a place where I could get it in batches of fifty, if I had a bittorrent client. Much better, right?

My monumentally stupid mistake? After figuring out where to get this program, how to set it up and port forward, I decided to download the episodes... all four blocks. That's three of over 8Gb, and one at about 5Gb... all at the same time. I think you see the stupidity, right?

So, I've been downloading these for two days now, and there's a possibility two of them will be finished sometime tomorrow, but that leads to my questions.

I tried stopping three of the downloads, using both pause and stop, in the hopes that the one left over would receive all of the download speed currently being taken up by the four of them. It didn't work. *Upload* speed increased dramatically, but download speed did not. (With all four, I have a combined speed of 100-120 kBs [2 at around 30-50, 2 at 10-20], with one, I have a speed around 35 kBs) Or so it seemed to me. So.. 1) would it be smarter to stop three of them and just do one at a time? Is there something I'm missing there?

2) The torrents are made up of fifty files, each file an episode. When looking at files I can see that a few of them are actually one hundred percent complete, even though the torrent isn't, including the episode I was at when I had to stop watching. Can I watch that episode since it's complete, even though the torrent isn't, or do I have to wait until the whole torrent is done?

3) Once they are done... where do I find them?

4) If I move the episodes once finished, does that mean the torrent can't be used anymore? I mean I wouldn't be able to seed it if necessary?

Any help would be appreciated


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1.Since it's only 3 torrents, just leave them running.

Make SURE you set your settings correctly based on your UPLOAD speed in Speed Guide (CTRL+G).

2.If the episodes say they're done, you can watch them. Helps to watch them in order though. :)

3.The torrents save to wherever you told them to save. They DON'T move unless you move them. You can't move them while sharing OR downloading them.

4.You can point the .torrent file to the contents' new location...and then do a force recheck to convince µTorrent that the files are both moved and complete.

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