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What's up with trackers???--plz read :)


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Hi :)

I'm relatively new to Bit-torrent technology and find Utorrent to be the best client for me....However, I'm a little confused as to how to seed from an "outside" source

Normally, after I finish downloading a file, it starts seeding using the tracker announcements that came with it

Yesterday, in the interests of saving space/speeding up my computer, I moved most of my video files to an external hard-drive......

Obviously, the torrents didn't seed anymore because the file path had changed......so I deleted the torrent files without copying the appropriate tracker information......

So......my question is......when I make a new torrent file what do I put for tracker information??? A bit-torrent is only as good as how many seeds it has, and I'd like to do my best to contribute to the file sharing cause, rather than leeching :).........

Thanx+hope to hear from you soon,


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