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Can I Make Speed Better


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HI Im new here and i wanted to know if i can make my speed better. I am using Utorrent 1.6.1. My connection is 3360 KBits/Sec by 864 KBits/Sec. My modem is westell versa link 327w (its a router/modem). I use verizon dsl in america. I did look in the fourms and did optimize my speed but wanted to know if i can go higher. My Utorrent settings are


pre-allocate is checked

upnp not checked

global max download= 0

global max upload= 69

global max number of connection= 864

max conected peers per torrent= 100

number of uploads per torrent= 7

protocol Encryption is enabled

allow incoming legacy connection is checked

max number of active torrents= 9

max number of active downloads= 8

net.max halfopen is 40 and i did do the patch at 50

peer disconnect inactive interval= 600

These are some setting if you need more info i will reply. when i download a torrent like 800mb it takes like 2 hours and my download speed whould be about 150 if it has a lot of peers and seeds. I know that is good but i have a 3mbps connection and i wanted to know if i can do better. Thanks for reading and any info will help.

My computer Specs are

AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+

1 Gig of OCZ Ram

Windows Xp home

xfx 7600 gt

ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe Socket 939 Motherboard

I did a speed test at infospeed.verizon.net and my speed was at

2371.1Kbits 296.4KBytes

2783.6Kbits 347.9KBytes

2486Kbits 310.8KBytes

2461.5Kbits 307.7KBytes

2845Kbits 355.6KBytes

These are some speed test i took.

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Your settings are completely messed up. Too many connections, too many torrents, too many half open ones, but most important is your upload is set too high.

If to believe your test speeds at infospeed.verizon.net then you have something ca 3072/384 connection. Or maybe 3072/256.

Go to setup guide and check xx/256 and xx/384 settings. You may tune your settings a little later. Remember to have your upload as stable as it is possible.

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