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utorrent completely freezing my computer


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Hi all,

I've been having this problem only fairly recently (past 2 months) and i have no idea what changed. I've tried using v1.5 and v1.6 with the same occurrence with both. I always download one torrent at a time and it doesn't always happen, but I would say about 70% of the time at a seemingly arbitrary point in my download my whole computer will lock up, completely freeze and I am forced to restart my computer. I have net.max_halfopen set to 4, I have applied LvlLord's EventID 4226 Patcher setting it to 50, I am using a linksys wrt54g v3.1 router with the latest stable dd-wrt firmware installed. I am using wireless. I tried everything but asking for help to fix this problem. If there is more info you need I will give it. Someone please help.

note: i don't know if this has anything to do with it but i've noticed that the speed of my signal is drastically reduced when running utorrent.

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thank you for that lovely reference but i am not having any speed issues... sometimes during my download or after the download while i am seeding a file my computer will freeze to the point where the only remedy is hitting the power button. I just tried disabling dht which may have worked, but i can't be completely sure..

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ok here goes...

i have tried everything listed in the speed problems faq under the sections SLOW/INTERRUPTED INTERNET CONNECTION/OFFLINE TRACKERS and THINGS TO TAKE NOTE OF.

color of network status light: green

port checker says: ok! ... is open and accepting connections.

speed guide settings: connection type: 512k, upload limit 47 kB/s, upload slots 4, connections (per torrent) 90, connections (global) 250, max active torrents 3, max active d/l's 2, Enable Encryption is unchecked.

operating system: winxp home w/ sp2

security software installed: Kasperksy Anti-Virus 6.0

router model: linksys wrt54g v3.1

modem model: i'm not exactly sure... it's the stock comcast modem, if you need me to find out the exact model i will check.

ISP: Comcast

Connection type: cable

speed test results: my results are often fairly variable (probably because i live with 7 other people who are all sharing the same connection) and usually differs between using the flash and java based test. A run right now with the java test gave me these results: 6153 Kbps down , 1127 Kbps up (none of my roommates were using the connection during this test)

I have a list of my running processes and will give information on my basic hardware if needed.

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Due to sharing the connection, you almost certainly need to decrease the number of connections µTorrent is allowed to make at once...and probably need to reduce the half open max too.

Have you checked for 4226 network error messages? (This means overloading the OS's half open limit.)

Kasperksy Anti-Virus has turned up in a handful of other posts as a possible problem-causer. There may be something like "real time protection against network attacks" doing it.

Have you flashed the bios on the router to a newer firmware since it was bought?

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i have reduced the half open max to 4, i have tried reducing the number of connections utorrent is allowed to make at once as low as 50, with the same problem occurring. I have checked for 4226 network error messages, none whatsoever.

I have the latest stable version of dd-wrt firmare installed to the router.

I'll look into the Kasperksy posts, but it has never been an issue before. That is what is really bugging me about this problem.. it just started happening 2-3 months ago and had been using utorrent for about a year before that with no issues.

thank you for your suggestions so far Switeck, i really do appreciate it.

UPDATE: I finally found a fix to my problem: Use bitcomet.

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