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Very Slow dl and ul speeds with utorrent


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Ok so i have tried just about everything i can think/read about now.

I recently bought an ipod and installed utorrent 1.6.1, but i noticed i was getting very slow dl and ul speeds from torrents with great health. I am talking speeds from zero to a max of 10kB/sec. I noticed it has a lil yellow triangle at the bottom of utorrent saying "no incoming connections". So i ran utorrent's test if port is fowarded properly. i got "Error! Port 1720 does not appear to be open."

I first tried just enabling UPnP mapping on both my router(dlink 614+) and in utorrent.

no luck

Then I tried disabling UPnP in utorrent and setting up port forwarding via portfoward.com's directions. My static ip is set to, i forwarded the port 1720 with both UPD and TCP to my ip.

ran the test again same error.

changed the port in utorrent to 28267 using randomize port and restarted utorrent along with changing the portfoward to that port.

ran the test again same error.

then I set utorrent's protocol encryption to enable and restarted utorrent, no speed increase and the test still failed.

windows firewall is turned off and i have no security software installed

running windows xp sp2

comcast is my isp

it is a wireless connection

any help is appreciated because i have no idea what to try next

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