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I Need Some Help Tweaking uTorrent and My ISP Network.


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Im on a linksys router and i set DMZ HOST to the 3 digits that my computer is networked on which is 101.


Now with that said my question is... Would I get slower download speeds that way or should I open my ports through Port Forwarding? Next thing is I need to know how to tweak my uTorrent to get the MAX Download speed.

Info on my network...

Im on Comcast Broadband 7mbps as it advertised... Now since it did advertise that 7mbps then i should be getting that so im looking to know how to uncap extra bandwidth to get the full quality of what were buying lol. I heard there are configs you can snatch going through your modem an example like 10/10 14/14 20/30 so on and so on. (If this kind of talk is not allowed here then please tell me to take it out, thanks.)

Hope to hear some answers soon.

Off the topic question im just wondering how fast does T3 go?

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What do you mean about about a static IP i mean I kinda know what it is but never messed with it. I need to to tell me waht to do here... Here is a pic to show u what i mean...


Now where the Static IP thing is where and what do i delete to do what you said?

Thanks again!

EDIT: Why dp torrents go slower than if you downloaded something from a browser and i know its got to do with trackers and seeds but besides the tracker and the seeds why does it?

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This is what my results were after a test on DSLReports with the Static IP...

6200 / 359 (Kbps)

(756.9 / 43.9 KB/sec)

Compared to the average of 2595 tests from comcast.net:

* download is 34% worse, upload is 56% worse

Now what would I configure in uTorrent with those settings?

Now I need to know if that is a better increase and what I could do to make it even better if i have to (depending on what you people think).

Thanks SOOO much for the help! Now I know where to come for all my questions! Thanks again fellas! :-)

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