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Think a Port Problem but....


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Hello All

Now I know I may get a telling off for not posting the full details of the systems but this is the problem:

I set up a friend on Utorrent on a Friday afternoon, they are using:

Windows XP SP2

BT Voyager 2500v connected via Ethernet


I know the info is minimal but my friend really doesn't have a clue about computers and I am now miles away!

When first set-up there was no problem with the downloads, super speeds etc.

But then after 2.5 days of great downloads they suddenly stop working. I have got her to reset the Router, and try a few things I have donw before like reducing the number of connectiosn etc. Basically it is being reported as a Listen Port error?

Now I have forwarded my ports before but to try and get a non-geek to do it on a foreign router over the phone to me seems impossible!!!!

I suppose my question is: If it is a port forwarding problem Why would it work without any problemos for 2.5 days? Any tips on a fix without port forwarding? I am tempted to send her a BB modem I have!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, your help would be very much appreciated

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