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Timwi, make sure peer.resolve_country is set to false in Options->Preferences->Advanced

It is. The flags.conf file is still not used. Maybe the top post of this thread should include instructions on how to use?

This conf isn't included with µTorrent.

Maybe it should be?

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Updated the .conf

Are you sure its from Japan? I think its from Serbia.

I get the same thing and have added it as such.

Maybe it should be?

I'd agree with Firon that it shouldn't be included by default. It changes too often for it to be of any use with a default install. Not to mention there is no installer or even zip file to begin with ;)

Also, it's not that people are trying to be unfriendly it's that you're trying to use a (vaguely) advanced/arcane option and haven't checked either the earlier posts in this thread or the FAQ on how to do so. Aside from not providing a link to the exact FAQ entry (here it is in cause you still can't find it) all the questions and issues you raised were addressed.

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Hi Eng.

I've noticed that from september some domains have started to replace .CS /.YU ccTLD with .RS(Serbia) and .ME (Montenegro).

If you map these 2 into the flags.conf, i will add new flags in flags.bmp(still some domain are using YU and CS, so do not delete those).

Will do. Depending on my motiviation, I will either just use the ? flag as a placeholder or make new flags for the domains. At least this gives me a chance to add the .ax ccTLD to the .conf which I've already made a flag for :D

Hopefully I'll have the new .conf & .bmp done and uploaded sometime this week. If anyone knows of any other domains that are missing now is the time to get them added.

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