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west-sands.com |TH

@eng: comcastbusiness.net seems to be from US but not Canada.


Maybe you can remove it from flags.conf.

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I know, you guys have given that answer before when I searched. That still doesn't answer my question. 200kb vs. 2mb? Who really cares? Unless you guys are running utorrent off a floppy diskette...

You realize eventually you'll just keep adding and adding to your whois list to the point where it's the same size in the end, all when the work has been already done and formatted by someone else. The exponential growth in broadband in all these developing countries + all the new legacy subnets recently added to the potential allocation pool means you guys are going to be doing this until they release duke nukem forever.

Many other programs use it for years without any problems, what makes you think utorrent would have any?

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If you want to see the "real" us domains, you should use:

flags.test.conf updated, to be used with flags.test.bmp (only new *|US added, doubles removed, based on eng's normal flags.conf and AlphaOmega's US list).

Summary download with description to use: http://www.should.keepfree.de/flags_by_eng.zip

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