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  • 2 weeks later...

Updated the .conf a few times since the last post about it. Usually only adding a few domains at a time which is why I didn't post anything about an update, but since someone mentioned a domain I didn't have figured I'd make a post mentioning that the .conf has been updated.


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Missing flags in 1.3: Uruguay (.uy), Philippines (.ph), and Egypt (.eg).

They're only missing from the default .conf and .bmp files; the ones linked in the first post contain those flags.

The ccTLD missing from this flags.bmp (the .conf has them allocated) are the following: .eu .gf .gp .md .ps .re .su .tf

Nearly every other ccTLD has a flag.

Updated the .conf again.

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A country of eastern Africa on the Gulf of Aden. Djibouti was a French colony from 1896 until 1946 and a territory from 1946 until its independence in 1977. It was called French Somaliland from 1896 to 1967 and the French Territory of Afars and Issas from 1967 to 1977. Population: 566,000.


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I think .cc is missing but...

.cc is the ccTLD for Cocos (Keeling) Islands, and is also accepted to represent "Chinese Corporation," "Country Club," and others. In fact, .cc has become one of the most popular ccTLDs with over 400,000 domains registered in the first year alone. With most domain names still available, .cc should remain popular over the next several years.

Since there are no restrictions on registrants, anyone can register a domain name with a .cc.

so, it's difficult to set a flag if anyone can register a .cc domain name.

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Quick Question, each time there is a flag update i take it i just download the ones linked in the first post and they will have all the additions/updates in them

That is correct. You really only need to download the .conf again though. I've only updated the .bmp once to clean up a flag.

I think .cc is missing but...

It is indeed missing. Since the islands are a territory of Austrailia that would be the correct flag to use, they have an unofficial flag, but like you mentioned almost all of the .cc addresses are used for other things. Which is better: displaying the correct flag for the ccTLD, which is probably wrong based on where the IP actually resolves to, or displaying nothing at all? I figured it best to leave the ccTLD undefined.

There are a few other territories that have ccTLDs that I didn't put in the .conf/.bmp, .tk is the only one I can remember off the top of my head. After work today I'll post a complete list of missing ccTLDs.



As mentioned in earlier posts only .com/.net TLDs need to be added to the .conf, nearly all the ccTLDs should have the correct flag displayed.

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My opinion is that all non-ccTLDs should have a non-country flag. It would make it easier for all .net, .com, .edu etc. to be displayed correctly since that's impossible atm thus noone can complain about the thing being wrongly displayed.

And as a side-note. The more flags displayed, the better.

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