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So check your settings and the correct place of the files:

  • flags.conf and flags.bmp file in the folder %appdata% (to get there in windows, just use "Start" "run" "%appdata%\utorrent"; there should be files like "settings.dat")
  • Check the setting in uTorrent: CTRL+P --> "Advanced" "peer_resolve.country" should be "false" (which is the default setting)
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well i copied those files into the right folder "C:\Users\S********r\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent" because after that when i restarted utorrent it recognized some country specific ips. the ip resolve option was also set to false. but i still see all .net .com and similliar domains with US flag. :(

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uTorrent without flags.conf and flags.bmp also shows the relevant flags for TLD domains like .ir, .de, .at and so on. The flag for .com and .net per default is the US flag (like it shows for .us flags).

So it seems wether your files flags.conf and flags.bmp are wrong (do you use eng's ore mine?) or you play around in the wrong folder.

Do you have only one uTorrent running?

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@schnurlos i'm using your files and they work perfect with tld ips so i'm sure they are copied into the right folder. I'm currently running one client.

@Ringman your uploaded image didn't load up for me. but i don't think the .conf file is columned. i opened it in notepad and saw several lines of domains and ips mixed with eachother and seperated by "|" sign. where can i find a columned one?

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Which version/build of uTorrent are you running? Which OS?

OK, I checked eng's flags.conf (btw, with notepad++)

In the flags.conf from 2009.31.12


to see is all lines end with the "CR-LF", after this date starting with flags.conf from 2010.02.06


shows only the "LF"

Now I modified the last version of eng's flags.conf from 2011.07.17 to show "CR-LF" again.

Perhaps that's the reason (btw, I never used eng's version any more since long time :P )

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