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Problems with uTorrent


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Hey I installed this last night with no functions in the background so I didn't notice the performance drop.

I loaded up stalker (awesome BTW) this arvo, and I was getting heaps of jerks every 10-20 seconds my computer would jerk up for a second or two.

I alt tabbed out of stalker and turned utorrent off, and the problems disappeared straight away, I later turned it back on the problems started occuring again

Some specs on my system


A8N SLI-Deluxe

2gb Corsair LL ram


2tb of HDD's, all high quality

Win XP SP2 latest updates

I will check back for replies for the next day or so, otherwise I might have to revert back to an older copy.

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Aaah, exactly the same problem here. Everything stops (even the music on Winamp) for about 2-3 seconds and then carries on as normal. If I stop Utorrent it goes away. I've got all default setting on UT and only have my AV running which is Avast. It's not Winamp either coz it does it whether it's running or not.

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Okay, I havn't run a firewall other than router NAT, or anti virus for as long as I can remember.

Programs running while the slow downs are occuring are as follows, MSN 7, SD Volume Panel DivX settings manager, and Daemon tools.

Not a very big list, so its a wonder, I am normally running Internodes MUM software, which is a monthly usage monitor, ill try running uTorrent without that open see if it helps.

uTorrent settings, which have not changes since the last update:

Pre-allocate on

Upnp off

DHT on, DHT for new torrents off, scrape op, peer exchange on

Allow incomming legacy

I havn't even looked at the new disk cache section, but I dont know if there are any optimized settings in there

I have never changed any of the normal advanced settings

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Yeah I have done a speed guide :P

Okay, my primary is clean im assuming I have that set as DVD-RW drives.

Secondary is Ultra DMA 4, whats the significance of this.

All my settings were set it to DMA if possible, to tell you the truth I have never before accessed this information, hope that helps.

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I heard the Nforce2 motherboard drivers contained a hardware firewall that caused µTorrent ALL kinds of problems in the past. I don't know if something similar is happening to you though.

Beyond that, I don't know enough details about what software you have on it to even make a guess as to probable conflicts.

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