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Downloading problems, no incomming connections


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Hey everyone,

I've been reading for many hours in this forum now, still havent managed to find the solution to my problem.

So here is the deal.

I have both a office pc and a laptop, the laptop is running XP and the PC is running with Vista, i have good download speed on my laptop but i'm stuck on 0-15kb/s on my office pc and the connection icon (or whatever it is called) is always green on the laptop but on my office pc it starts out with being yellow and after a while it turns red. So apparently i have no incomming connections which is really strange since the laptop is running really great, all ports are forwarded and i'm running with windows firewall disabled on both computers.

Another thing. When i start uTorrent on my office pc and start downloading it feels like the whole internet is going like on a 56k modem, really slowing it down. Eventhough i only download with about 5kb/s

Thanks in advance :-)

(Sorry for my bad english)

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Hi CasperKc... I'm sorry as I'm not writing in reply on your message but coz I've exactly the same problem!!!!!!!!!!!! But only since yesterday... My laptop says I've not incoming connections. I dunno what's going on as I was downloading many torrents since I bought my laptop a year ago. Maybe it was one of the windows updates???? It's the only thing that happen between utorrent worked properly and now.......... Hope to hear from someone who can help us SOON.



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