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2 problems (related?), No connections, Not downloading/seeding


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I currently have 2 torrents. One I have finished previously without problem, the other which has made no headway.

When I try to seed the finished one, there is a little exclamatory sign on the bottom bar, and when I put my mouse over it it says "No incoming connections. Unless the icon turns green, it could indicate a problem with your network configuration."

I find this odd, as it shows 0 (122) seeds, and 0 (282) peers, if there is no incoming connection, how exactly does it see over 200 different computers?

On the one I'm downloading (or trying to anyways) It has 0 (94) seeds, and 0 (48) peers, but has 0 availability. There is absolutely no download except miscellaneous actions that aren't the download files. Turning off my fire wall and any anti-viral software has done nothing, and I'm using the same hardware/software as when I originally downloaded the first torrent.

Under the logger in both of these it says it's "Unable to map UPnP Port." Why it's unable I don't know.

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