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Install uTorrent on a second Hard Disk ?


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Hello everyone :) ,

I would like to install utorrent on my second hard drive ( the first one being used for the OS [C] & several programs [D] ).

I am wondering wether utorrent will still use my first HDD ( were windows is located ), or if it will exclusively use my second HDD without any risk of conflict, slowdown ...

I red a few topics about similar questions but none of them gave clear and conclusive answers.

Thanks in advance for your help

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Define "use"

Utorrent always save its settings in primary HDD (can't remember exact path now), but this settings are loaded at the start of utorrent and thats it.

If you mean "use" as using for downloading data then simply choose another folder at Preferences->Download options

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Hi kurahashi,

By "use", I mean : writing and/or reading data on C during the downloading / compilation process

I don't exactly know how utorrent carries out the downloading process. I want to be sure it does not need to use any" temporary folders / files" on [C], wich would lead to a constant transfer of data between C and the second disk during the downloading process.

I just want my files to be download and stored directly on my second hard drive, i thaught I could do so by 1) installing utorrent on the second disk AND 2 ) choosing a folder on this disk in the setting.

But if I understand your answer correctly, utorrent will only read/write datas on the disk containing the" download folder" choose in the setting regardless of the disk on wich the program was installed.

I know that others p2p ( like emule ) had some issues when installed on other disks than windows, and requiered more complex settings in order to avoid overload & crashs resulting from the fact that some temp / incoming ... files had to be constantly transfered from one disk to another or that some specific path were missing and so on.

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µtorrent doesn't use any temp folders.

µtorrent does write to its settings files on a regular basis but this is virtually nothing compared to the writing and reading done to the downloads.

By default settings are stored in %appdata%\utorrent and this is OS dependent. Its pretty much always

drive:\documents and settings\your username \application data\utorrrent

Where drive is the drive windows is installed ( usually c: )

If you want you can have the settings at the same location as the utorrent.exe file:

http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=21359 (or take a look at the self-contained FAQ entry)

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A portable version of µtorrent is not easy. Place utorrent.exe and the settings files from %appdata%\utorrent on the portable disk. Download torrents to the portable disk.

Every time you plug in your portable drive somewhere you have to change the download location of all the active torrents to the drive again (because it usually gets a different drive letter).

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