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Any assistance with port forwarding on an ad-hoc network?


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Hi there.

I am running an XP home laptop with utorrent enabled and all ports mapped UPNP running etc. Green light on incoming comnnections and excellent bandwidth up & down. No problems.

I have created an ad-hoc network of this laptop and my desktop PC. The desktop is using a Prism 11mbps USB Wifi key which is working fine.

I did a speed test or two from the desktop and got 660 & 172 kbps over the network.

I have installed utorrent 1.6 on the desktop and I'm getting a red light on incoming connections.

I am running windows firewall on the desktop AND the laptop but internet connection sharing is working fine on normal downloads etc.

No UPNP mapped on this machine because I don't know how....I didn't map the laptop either?.

I have never had to forward ports before and I'm getting myself in a bit of a mess not knowing how to do it through two firewalls.

I have had a good look online and on the forum but still find it impossible to do. Probably just my lack of knowledge, but I can't find anything specifically related to my dilemma.

Just in case you think I'm a bit daft, I AM NOT TRYING TO RUN UTORRENT ON BOTH MACHINES AT ONCE....sorry

The port numbers are different for each copy of utorrent anyway, of course, so there are no conflicts.

I'm pretty good at following instructions, so please feel free to come back at me with any more information I might need to provide for you to be able to help.

Thanks for listening.

It's uploading I want to do, so please give me a few minutes of your time and/or nuggets of your knowledge.

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