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No upload Speed at all. firewall good, green symbol, please help!


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Hi guys

well until today I have been able to use utorrent perfectly. For some reason now i can't get any upload speed at all. It stays at 0.0 kb/s constantly. I have tried it without a firewall, made sure ports are forwarded (i get green tick symbol, and the speed guide says the port is forwarded fine). I also have no upload limit in place. I have tried using a different client through the mac to see if it was the pc but I got the same problem. As I can't upload, my downloads are capped at about 12kb/s.

Im using windows xp

zone alarm installed

adsl router = bt voyager 2091


2mb connection

speed test download = 493kb/s

speed test upload = 186kb/s

Please help!

Thanks a lot


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