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Wildly Flucuating Download Speeds! :)


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uTorrent v1.2

-Network OK!

-Adelphia Cable - 3MB / 384

-XP SP2 w/lvllord's patch..think it was for 500

-XP Firewall w/uTorrent in the list, no other firewalls

-Port Forwarded properly through my routed to 10050 - Same port I used with BitTornado, without problems.

-I am unsure if my ISP shapes traffic, I have not heard anything either way on them. Last month, I downloaded about..~40GB and uploaded ~45GB if that means anything.

-I can start BitTornado and within minutes max down / up with one or multiple torrents.

Ever since I changed over to uTorrent @ 1.1.2, my down speeds have *not* been much to talk about at all. With Shadow's BitTornado and one torrent running, I would see speeds of 250kB down and 60kB up. With four running, ~50kB down and ~10-13kB up.

Now, with uTorrent and one running my up speed can level out at 30kB capped, and when set at 100kB( just to see ) it flucuates between ~22-73kB while my download, capped at 200kB goes from ~40kB-170kB?? Same torrent, same private tracker only with BitTornado..upload speed levels out at 60kB and download at 200kB.

Suggestions, comments, need more info?


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What's wrong with that picture??

your upload is pretty constant and your download depends more on what clients are willing to give (i.e. what's available in the swarm at the given time)


3MB / 384

With Shadow's BitTornado and one torrent running, I would see speeds of 250kB down and 60kB up. With four running, ~50kB down and ~10-13kB up.

BitTornado must be lying to you...With that connection your max up is 48!!! (384 / by 8) and that would greatly influence your download speed


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Problem with the picture is the rising and falling download speed represented by the line graph. As for what's available in the swarm..17.998 copies. Connected to 10 of 11 seeds and 47 of 67 peers. No reason at all, none, for my download speed to be rising and falling like that on this private tracker I use, always well seeded and always exceptional speeds.

Is there a problem with the graph being drawn maybe? I just know there is some problem, somewhere. Not saying it is any one thing, just poitning out that I see it and still wondering what the cause is...so far no one good thoughts have come up.

BitTornado isn't lying to me, the beta shouldn't be the answer to my problems..since there IS a problem with this version that has been here in previous. Am also not going to risk my ratio or my torrents yet on beta software.

And when are ADVERTISED internet speeds what you actually get??? I know a lot of people who wish AT LEAST that much, some of us are lucky to get more. I can do 100kB up with BitTornado, hell uTorrent SPIKES to about 70-80kB up when I change the maximum up limit, gotta be something going on with the program, cause I can't achieve those speeds with it and I do have the bandwidth available.

Here is when I made my statement a few minutes ago( Roommate interrupted me ) Notice the download speed also drop, for no reason:


And here is just one minute ago:


Both pics upload at ~25kB with no effect on uTorrent speeds at all, btw. Granted, small files but if I was hitting my limit uTorrent shoulda hiccuped or something.

Just want a plausible explanation, if someone can convince me it is just the graph represenation that is off and needs a fixing, I could buy that. I don't know enough about what goes on in the background to check it myself, otherwise I would do it.


EDIT by silverfire: Please link to images larger than 50KB.

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