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F secure and u torrent


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ok i was using outpost yesterday, but that decided to block utorrent, for no reason at all, although i had given it rules to allow utorrent to work.

so now i've installed fsecure, i've used it before and it all worked well.

i've told it to allow incomming and out going connections to utorrent. and i've set up "services" that initiate on 1024-65535 and respond on (utorrent port).

and i've set it to any ip in the rules part. i though that done for tcp and udp, would open the port i needed. alas it hasn't. i have the red ! icon and the port checker states the port is closed.

i have followed what : http://support.f-secure.com/enu/home/supportissue/fsis2007/firewall_q12.shtml

said as far as i can, obviously changing parts to suit utorrent. but it doesn't work. i was wondering if anyone had any ideas.


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well i'd opened the ports like needed above. then i found this:


went through from 3-8, because i passed 1-2.

took editing of, software firewall, network, services, and hardware firewall to get it to working. had to open more ports etc.

and enable universal pnp in network, and in services. thats what was causing most of my issues.

a reboot later all 8 tests passed and greenlight in utorrent.

thanx for the help on here, as i found that site on this foru : oD

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i don't have a static ip, asides the standard router ip. i do have a dns. that is autoupdated by my router.

upnp is working now, i managed to unfix it last night : o/.

but just repaired, somehow my router lost the firewall settings for the port. but i've fixed that now.

thanx for the reply

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