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Dedicated uTorrent box


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As my big and heavy computer (Overclocked Core 2 Duo, 4 HDD's, 2 watercooling setups and much more) is easily chuggin' down many many watts per day/night, maybe it's time for a smaller and a lot less power consuming box to do the job. After all, it doesn't require all those gigahertzes of power to torrent.

So what I was pondering about is this, I have many options:

- Mac Mini. Costs about 600€. Fast, reliable, extremely small and very low on power usage (about 30W playing a DVD). Although pretty expensive.


- Acer AcerPower 2000. Costs about 500€. Pretty fast, very small, easily upgradable and pretty low on power (90W max, typical 50W ?). Still, pretty expensive.


- Self Built System. Costs about 250€. Fast, quite small, easily upgradeable but uses more power (my guess: about 100W). I put together an AMD Sempron 64 2800+, 512MB DDR2, compact case and a mATX Asrock motherboard. The rest I have lying around...

So what would you do ? It's purely for running multiple torrents (10 max), it'll be run through the web interface on another computer.

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