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Port-forwarding problem (might be something else, though!)


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My utorrent recently started behaving strangely. It never did have problems before last week, but suddenly, instead of getting a green light, I got a triangle with the "!" sign in it. When I moused over it, it said "No incoming connections - Unless the icon turns green, it could indicate a problem with your network configuration", which apparently is symptomatic with a need to properly forward your utorrent port. It all seemed rather strange to me, how overnight it went from green to this, but knowing how PCs and Windows work, I said "meh, whatever".

And so, I did go ahead with the portforwarding. Set up my static ip, logged into my router, set up the exception. Then I fired up utorrent and... Well, the message is still there. I double and triple checked to make sure I got everything right, and I did, and it's still not working. Does anyone have a clue what this might be about?

Thanks a lot for your help ^^

PS: By the way, despite what I did, when I test the port, it still says it's closed. I am just not sure what I could have possibly done wrong...

PS2: The only anti-spyware program that I have running that MIGHT interfere is webroot spysweeper, and it's a system process I cannot interrupt. Might this be the cause?

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It's remotely possible yes that webroot spysweeper is interfering...but I actually doubt it, that doesn't sound like something with firewall features. (I could be wrong tho, check through its settings for 'internet protections'.)

Your modem itself may contain a firewall and/or mini-router that needs to be configured. You'll need to get a manual for it to see if it does...and how to configure it if it does.

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