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internet slow if utorrent fast


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i did the guides and things on this site and was really happy when my download speeds were fast

but recently, my brother noticed that whenever im not downloading...the internet is faster than when i am downloading...

so i stop the download and go to a site like google and it is fast as usual...but after i start the download...it takes forever to load simple sites like google

i went to the stickied topic of this speed section of the forum and did those steps to be used if my internet speed is slow when running utorrent but none helped

i did that patch...disabled and turned off things it told me to and restarted when it told me to

should i not use utorrent at all? cause the other things are just slow...utorrent was fastest

cant believe there was a drawback to that amazing download speed

is there are fix to cure this?


my port number is 16800

isp is comcast

router is wrt54gs

uncheked enable UPnP

Global Max Upload Rate was 224 but now is 0 after seeing internet speed decrease

unchecked Alternate Upload Rate when not downloading

Global Max Download Rate 0

Global Max Number of connections 50

Max number of connected peers per torrent 125

Number of upload slots per torrent 30

Unchecked DHT network

Unchecked DHT for new torrents

Unchecked peer exchange (also unchecked IP resolving is peers tab)

Changed net.max_halfopen to 4 from 8

I changed some of the general settings but I don't think they're at fault

Things I did not mention I did not change, they're at default

thanks for the helpmuch appreciated!

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Simple answer:

Run Speed Guide (CTRL+G) and choose the xx/512k setting.

If that runs ok, you can try the xx/640k or even the xx/768k setting. They might work, or they may be a bit too much...you'll need to test if you wan to use them.

...but any higher is certain to cause problems.

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