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I know you get a lot of questions about ports not opening in here but Im going to ask another one.

I can upload and download but rather slowly, I always have the red box at the bottom and when I test it says ports arent open.I been messing with this for three weeks and am out of ideas.

Im using windows XP SP2, Im not behind a router, Im hooked directly into a modem, its a Paradyne 6350.Ive opened the ports in both my firewalls and it didnt work.I thought maybe I did them wrong to start with but even if I turn them both off it does nothing.I talked to a buddy of mine that works for the ISP and they currently arent blocking any ports.Ive searched every websight I could find and tried adjusting the settings in utorrent itself.Ive even downloaded a program thats supposed to tunnel ports through the rest of the settings and when it finds my UPnP device and tries to tunnel the port through its failed everytime.Ive tried many different ports and get the same results with all of them.

My logger says it discovers new UPnp device if I shut off the UPnp mapping and turn it back on but then gets an error message when trying to map the port.So what the hell could be blocking this?Im ready to pull my hair out.or just a few minutes the other night my box went from red to yellow but it didnt stay that way for long and I have never gotten the green light.Is there maybe a setting in windows itself I need to change or something?I cant find much info on my modem and dont know if theres a hardware firewall with it or not, theyre supplied by my ISP and I dont have the manual for it.Any ideas I havent tried would be great.

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