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First time user--How to?


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I am a new user. Previously had Morpheus...need I say more? Was great, got progressively worse to nonfunctional. But it was EZ. I checked what I wanted to search for by name, and type of download (video, etc.), and voila!... a fabulous listing appeared which never downloaded. Friends said to give uTorrent a whirl and here I am. The oroblem is no one has explained what a torrent is, or how to create or access one. The program seems to offer no step by step guide for new morons like me to follow, and worse, doesn't explain anything!...or doesn't seem to. Don't refer me to a geek guide, all I want to know is, if I want to download video (my primary interest) how do I do that? This program would be useless if it does not explain in stupid detail how it does what it does, and how users can make work for their interests. Does this make any sense? Morpheus didn't actually do anything but at least it made you feel like it was doing something, and you saw a result.

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