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I've always used utorrent on behalf of it's small form factor.....I like how small it is..... but I see alot of people feeling distraught/guilty from "closing" utorrent after a download completes....this always puzzled me...If I'm not mistaken you upload while you download right?....so if your downloading a large file that takes a few hours your still doing your part....am i wrong?

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I was late to the torrent game because the relevant software had the reputation of being bloated, and I was intimidated by the two-step process of downloading a file. First the torrent and then the actual data, sometimes also called a torrent [release] as a whole. I was having none of the inefficient software like Azuerus, written in Java, because at time I had poor experience with Visual Basic applications, and I wanted to push my computer to its limit. Regardless how fast it is, we always want higher resolutions and bitrates.

I was frequent user of DC++ and eMule, both known as upgrades from Neo-Modus DC and eDonkey. Using any managed code application would be a step backwards to those products. I still rarely fire up eMule today. Not DC though since about half a year, because I either keep it open and "seed" in it or I don't at all, as most of my "share" is unique.

My first version of Microtorrent was around 1.4. The name and design appealed to me because I intended to use this kind of software only when absolutely necessary, to get one file then close it. I didn't want to get seriously engaged with torrenting, and thus wouldn't miss any functionality a "micro" implementation would lack. It was only later that I found out it didn't lack anything, and was reasonably feature complete by version 1.6. This version can scale up to at least three to four thousand torrents on the P4-grade hardware (actually Conroe) I am using for seeding. I believe versions 2.x are at least as good.

I am seeing today that we seem to be going backwards again, and do not appreciate efficient software anymore. Due to decisions taken by BitTorrent, Inc. developers, inclusion of uTP, commercials and casual user functionality, a large amount of people claim that alternatives, like qBittorrent, Deluge and Tixati are faster and lightweight. This has no basis in reality. Those programs have horrible slow GUI that also looks appalling on Windows clasic theme, as do most applications written in GTK and QT. Fat, sparsely placed buttons, menus that close as I'm dragging the pointer over them. Deluge has its uses, in applications where we need to remotely control a server, but the excellent WebUI of Microtorrent is indeed not far behind in performance the horrible GTK. The Server may be good, but I can't use it without the GUI part, which hung for me at around 500 torrents.

The intention of this testimonial is to assert that µTorrent is still good and miles ahead of alternatievs. The previous versions have not gotten worse just because time has passed, as if they were physical objects.

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