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100mbit server, laggy as death while seedin


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I have a 2600 sempron with 512megs of ram and a 80 gig harddrive and windows web.

I can get file transpheres at 11MB/s so the connection itself is fine.

I belive the harddrive is the bottleneck and while I've had lag problems while seeding 4.3gb files to 200+ upload slots on previous servers, I'm getting uber lag with like only 50-100 leechers on a 1.39gb... like to do anything takes forever and doing just about anything will crash my uploads from 6-8MB/s down to 0 and it builds back up slowly

also I'm only getting 6MB/s when I should be getting 10Mb/s, the question is why. my server could just be a lemon, ie the harddrive/mobo might be extra slow... also it could be that I only have 512ram which is the lowest I've had before. Odly though I have ussually 300mb of it free and utorrent isn't using it (only about 50mb). If I manually set the disk cache up to something like 230mb it actually goes slower...

I thought about switching to linux (also save 20USD a month that way) but I don't know how to set it up

Cpu usage never goes over 30% and I"m obviously using utorrent so I don't think the sempron is the problem.

One person told me I need min 2gb of ram to run windows web for seeding purposes, another person said that was silly and theirs works fine with 512mb. I know one person who's server runs fine at 10MB/s upload but starts to lag and become non responsive at about 14MB/s (he's got an unmetered 1gbit from leaseweb!!)... but he has 2 harddrives setup in raid 0 so the load is balanced accross 2 reducing the disk read/sec which might explain why he can do 10MB/s with only 512ram and windows...

anyway any help ideas or insights appricated

thinking about getting a P4 2.8ghz with 2gigs of ram, or maybee a 2600 sempron with 1 gig of ram and raid 0

edit: I did some tests with the disk stats, it goes 200-450 read/s from cache and 40-75 read/s from disk at about 6MB/s, my free ram goes from about 130mb free down to only 6mb but task manager claims utorrent is using a fairly stable 50mb of ram

any idea why utorrent is eating up about 300mb of ram but only claiming to be useing 50 (I dont' mind the using of ram just trying to figure out this lag)

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If µTorrent is using ram that it's not reporting, then you almost certainly have a conflicting program that is seriously compromising your system's performance. ...but it will look like it's µTorrent's fault!

Most likely suspects are antivirus, antispyware, and system 'improvement' applications.

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it's only about 2 weeks old, I've installed about 6 programs on it...





damn nfo view


thats it

processes running:

servuadmin.exe 1.5mb

utorrent.exe 100mb (I overrid it to go to 200mb)

firefox.exe 2.8mb

notepad.exe 1.3mb

explorer.exe 1.3mb

winlogon.exe <1mb

rdclip.exe <1mb

servudaemon.exe 1.5mb

taskmgr.exe 1.7mb

csrss.exe <1mb

total soposidly used: about 113mb

actually used between 350 and 500mb

Also It took me 12.5min to extract 7.5gb... so that seems slow maybee means it's the hd

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