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Downloading Fine, Seeding A problem?


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Hi, firstly a new member, so hello to one n all.. ;0)

Recently switched to U Torrent from my old torrent client. But seem to have a problem, downloading is fine, with good speeds..uploading rarely moves though?!? therefore seeding is a problem...

I have a Voyager 210 router with the ports forwarded, opened and established. And have outpost firewall & CA anti virus. The firewall I have made U Torrent an excemption to filtering rules.

Just a thought though before I have some of you guys perhaps wasting ya valuable time trying to help me out on a solution.. when I use torrents from demonoid.com, no probs... but 5 I have downloaded from torrentbully.com, download fine.. but no upload at all.. could it be related to that particular torrent site?? Sorry I am fairly new to this, (but learning fast!) But I am concerned, cos this torrentbully bars you if you don't seed??...;0(

Any help appreciated...


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Is your µTorrent giving you the green light (meaning it's not firewalled)?

Sometimes, odd programs such as antivirus software also contains firewall behavior.

Even a modem may contain a firewall or mini-router that needs to be configured. (LOTS of ADSL modems do!)

Are the multiple trackers also different in terms of the numbers of people seeding versis downloading (the ratio) at any given time? If there's 100+ seeders per peer, then you'll have trouble finding someone to connect to TO upload.

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Hi thansk for your reply.. yeah I have the gren light on. As far as my router having afirewall or mini router, to be honest not sure. My previous client ahd no trouble, but then I know software varies all the time. I will look into that though...

I have just posted on the torrentbully.com forum.. cos I can't help but think its there torrents or something??... demonoid torrents/pirateboy etc.. all work very well...

And as there are peers showing less than 100%, you'd think I would be connecting to them to seed..?.. strange...expecially considering me and one other seeder and two other peers needing seeds from us...

Will check my router, thanks anyway..appreciated! ;0)

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