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My Utorrent just stops all of a sudden, download speed drops etc


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My download speed will be at for instance 200kb/sec, then it just drops to 0.0kb/sec all of a sudden and dosent rise again

i have maximum bandwith allocation

ive tried turning Utorrent on and off

turning the computer on and off

re-downloading the torrent and dowloading other torrents

its the same with all of them

HELP?!?! pleaseeee

Thanks x

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I have a similar problem. I usually get around 250kb/s on a well seeded torrent, and on a torrent I'm getting now, it won't get above 5, and most of the time it is at less than.

Sure, there aren't very many seeds or peers on it but when I start it, I get around 50 or 60, and then it slowly progresses down to less than one.

The weird thing is that my upload speed stays on what it was and sometimes goes way above the limit I set it to. I've experimented with different settings, but alas no avail.

My ports are good, its in my firewall exceptions, and I cannot seem to be able to download more than 1 total kb/s at a time

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