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DHT enabled by default in v1.2


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Not quite sure if this should go here or in General but I figured that this was more likely to get Admin attention sooner.

For users of private trackers, my understanding is that DHT is a Bad Thing , as it shares the torrent and peer data with people not on the tracker.

Since it is a new optional feature, I believe it would be in the best interests of users if you were to disable it by default and allow users to turn it on, rather than the other way around.


Oh, and once again, thanks for all your hard work on uTorrent guys, it truly is a great little program!

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I think this issue has been brought as soon as DHT support was announced. Private trackers should have torrent with the private flag in them. If they don't, that is the problem.

Users using private trackers should know to turn of DHT if they download torrents with miss the private flag. It is clearly displayed in the General tab for a Torrent.

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