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An error occured in the secure channel support


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Hi, I'm new to the forums and have had no problems till now using utorrent. I did try to use the search function to find a thread related to this topic but haven't had much success. Two days ago I tried to download from my favorite site as usual but utorrent won't cooperate. The site uses SSL so I manually change the announce from http:// to https:// and that normally was the only thing i needed to do to get the thing to download. Unfortunately now I am unable to leech those files but I can seed with no problem. The tracker status for them are: "An error occured in the secure channel support."

I have encryption, UPnP port mapping and Add utorrent to windows firewall exceptions and enabled. The proxy server is set to https port 8080 while the listening port is randomized. Proxy server isn't used for p2p connections. DHT Network, enable peer exchange and enable DHT for new torrents are disabled while ask tracker for scrape info is enabled.

With this setting, leeching wasn't a problem and it worked fine. The problem only started recently. The logger also states that it is unable to map UPnP Port.

I'd appreciate any help given regarding this problem. Hopefully I've provided enough information for you folks to help me out.

Thanks in advance!

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