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red light after one month of green


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my connection went down for no reason this morning. had trouble logging on to the internet. Called up my isp told me to connect the modem direct -with out router. I retrieved my connection by ipconfig/release and of courseXXXX/renew.

Reconnected my router and now have very very slow speeds i.e min 0.3 max 2.2 and the red light has returned.

Dont think it has anything to do with my hash fail problem.

Before my connection was lost i was getting hash fails for every new torrent, and i mean every new one. The only one that did not have hash fials are the one which have been downloading for over a week.

I downloaded that office torrent that you suggested and that was the only one that did not have hashfails.

help....thanks in advance cos you have helped me in the past and hope help me in the future

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What is the speed of your connection both up and down?

What settings are you using in µTorrent as shown by Speed Guide (CTRL+G) window?

(This is just to check for settings conflicts.)

Has your computer's LAN ip changed? (could be port forwarding to wrong ip now?)

What brand and model is your router? (Have you tried to flash its firmware bios?)

Hashfails on all torrents but the open office one may just be due to you trying to download poisoned torrents without blocking some/most hostile ips using ipfilter.dat.

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