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How exactly does it work then ?


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What i mean by that is,

When i am connected to a torrent that say has 500 seeders 125 leechers on my 8mbit connection i will get something like 620k a second or around about that.

Even though there are 500 seeders i am only connected to around 85 of them.

What do i need to do to allow Utorrent to connect to more that 80-90 seeders, this still happens if i am only downloading one torrent.

I have not changed the utorrent defaults, is there something i need to do or is this just how it works, tracker specific ?

My router can handle 1000 concurrent connections also so it is more than ready for some action.

My 8mbit connection is always fast and i can always download file from the internet, linux stuff, game demos at 820-840K

Oh and lastly i have had more than 800k before

Is it just that it takes time to get to a high number of seeders, some files that are around 360mb dont get past 650k but are downloaded in around 10minutes anyway

Thanks alot


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Considering that each connection made (even attempts!) eats into both the upload and download bandwidth...you'll get better speed from fewer seeds+peers connecting at once than too many.

I use roughly half the number of connections that Speed Guide recommends.

With my connection being similar to yours, and that I consider seeding back often to >2:1...downloading it quickly isn't an issue. I've already got more than enough stuff to keep me busy for however long the wait.

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