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DHT Problem with Kaspersky


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Since I installed Kaspersky IS6.0.1.411 uTorrent's DHT isn't working and Kaspersky's Anti-Hacker (bleh) keeps throwing this at me: (note, that is MY local IP and my incoming uTorrent port)

3/27/2007 12:58:05 PM DoS.Generic.Land TCP 23007

And uTorrent's DHT is stuck @ "Waiting to login" (however, I am able still to use trackers, et al)

I searched this problem out, didn't find anything directly speaking to it.

I have added 23007 to the firewall to allow all and as a trusted zone.

I'm running uTorrent 1.6.1 and would sooner ditch Kaspersky than switch clients =)

Oh, and when I turn the "Intrusion Detection System" off in Kas, DHT works like a charm!


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