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First torrent with utorrent


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I have made a few torrents before, back when a certain farm of audio was around, but at the time i was using azureus...boooo, i know!

but now i have come to make a torrent of content i have, and have tried to download it from the desktop pc that shares the same router as the laptop im seeding from.

I cant get it to download though.

the content is copyright, and i bought it.

for the sake of legality i would suggest that anyone willing to read this and help me either: deletes the file, or doesnt let it download very far (orrr just not tell)

anyway, for the sake of asking for help, here is the torrent i created:


also, strangely, i cant get piratebay or mininova to find it when i type the search vipzone!?

any help/advice, greatly appreciated!

and hi, im new! :)

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TPB and mininova might filter torrents which don't have any (connectible) peers/seeds (or maybe they check availability or a combination of everything) out of their results...

Routers usually don't loopback. afaik router loopback isn't typical TCP/IP behavior and only a few companies add it to some of their routers.

I think they are working on recognizing local peers for µtorrent 1.7 though so it might work in the future.

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