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uTorrent BSOD...help


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Ok, a while back I switched from Azureus to uTorrent because Azureus was causing system crashes. I guess it was not just unique to Azureus because I keep getting BSOD's with uTorrent too. My system does not crash at any other time. It is completely stable unless I run a Bit Torrent client, then it crashes. It could be a matter of minutes or many hours, but it will eventually crash. I consider myself to be at least an intermediate windows user, but this one has got me. I need some help. All I can see on the BSOD before reboot is "physical memory dump". I forgot how I setup windows to save the dump for me so I can review it.

Windows XP pro 64 bit sp1 (fully updated at all times)

Athlon 64 3700+

Asus A8N SLI Deluxe (nForce4-SLI-X16)

Avast Antivirus (but I turn this off a lot because the "on access protection" slows everything down)

Just use windows firewall

Like I said before, Torrent clients are the ONLY things that cause BSOD's. Other programs might crash to desktop at times, but no BSOD's. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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BSOD always show a certain type of error and sometimes other relevant information (filenames (abcd.dll) and hexcodes (0x02468ACE)).

However µtorrent hasn't been the cause of a BSOD afaik. Although it can trigger dormant hardware and software problems because of its reasonably intensive use of different devices (NIC/HD/Memory) and their (possibly corrupt) driver (damaged memory and problematic NIC drivers being nr 1 and 2).

There are a couple of good BSOD topics on this forum and on the internet so search them first please.

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