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Weird upload behavior


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Actually, it's the reverse. I see upload shooting over the limit, and download dropping like a stone at that same moment.

Seems to be possibly too many connections at once. Their overhead floods over the limit, upload speed drops to compensate...download is suddenly not choked by oversaturated upload rate, so it shoots WAY up...then upload speed bursts over 30 KB/sec, which causes download speeds to nosedive hard. Rinse, repeat every minute or so.

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Hi thx vor the reply ..

this makes sense ... think this is part of the problem ...

i havent changed the setting of connections since 1/2 a year or so ...

Seems like my adsl2+ connection is causing this ... maybe there are too much other DSL connections around makin traffic over night ... :D ...

So the capacity of my isp is on the limit in my area :D

so ill go down from 1000 connections ... to 500 :D ....

Thx for help

ps: modemstats ... for free


hehe ... at its limits on MMODE :D

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Oh, that's why...max connections probably should only be 100 or less.

When you have more than 100 connections, I'd EXPECT the bandwidth graph you showed.

I know nothing about the rest of your settings, but the further they deviate from the Speed Guide (CTRL+G) recommended settings the more likely they are to be making things worse.

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